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    Schedule Script to Load Current FACT - but Keep Previous DIMS?

      Hiya Guys,


      I have 5 Dimension tables, and 1 Fact table.


      The Dimension tables will change very rarely - and I would like to automatically update my Fact table very regulary.


      If I load all the tables once, and then in subsequent loads only generate a new Fact .qvd and import - QV removes the previous Dimension tables created... is there any way around this? (so I am only loading the current Fact data and keeping the old Dimensions?).


      Also, I would like to schedule the Fact load... maybe once a minute?! - very small dataset... does anyone have a best-practice way of setting-up a Schedule for such a high-frequency update? - Windows Task Scheduler/QEMC/other?... load time of the Fact table is litterally only a couple of seconds - but I don't want to grind the Server to a hault!


      Any information/suggestions welcome!