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    Server connectivity issues

      Hi all,


      Please see attached image for 3 error messages i am getting while trying to open published QV applications.


      All necessary ports between QV servers have been opened. On multiple occassions i've reset all services running on each QVS.


      I'm loosing my mind here and can't seem to find the solution to these issues.


      Anyone know how to resolve this?


      Running QV10.


      Thank you!

        • Re: Server connectivity issues

          The first things I'd check are:


          Are CAL's assigned to the document and have you specified the Usernames or checked 'Allow Dynamic CAL Assignment' in the Manamgement Console.


          Are the security permissions of the folder where the .qvw resides setup correctly to allow you're username access.


          If you're accessing via the Client is it licensed directly or does it need to first lease a license.


          Hope one of those helps...but I have a feeling it won't - it sounds a more complex issue.


          All the best,


          Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd

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