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    Issue with Installing Qv Server v11

    Juan Luis Aguilera

      hi everyone, i have a lot of problems traying to install my QV server v11.


      first it all, the system have this features;

      Win Server 2008 r2, sp1, 64 bits.  (net framework 4.0 but i dont had installed the IIS 7)


      i created a user "QVAdmin" and i added to the "QV Administrators", so when i install i pick it, i complete the installation but when i reboot the services like


      QV Directory Service Connector, QV Distribution Service,QV Management Service and QV webserver doesnt start !!


      when i try to star it fails (i Attach the screenshot).


      so, when i want to use the QV Management Console by the IE (version 9) its appear this (i Attach the screenshot).


      some ideas?




      Juan Aguilera León