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    Show all dimensions on bar chart even if result is 0

    Tom Cotterill



      I am sure this must be a simple thing to achieve but it is causing me some grief.


      I have a stacked bar chart with 2 dimensions, the first is ‘day of the week’ and the second is a flag that denotes a time period, a simple on off, let’s call that ‘inside business hours’.


      I am counting the number of events and plotting them by the day of the week with the stack showing the ‘on off’ element.


      I need the chart to always show the full week even when there is not any data. I.e the x axis must always show: sun, mon, tues, wed, thu, fri, sat.


      I have turned off the ‘supress zero values’ in the presentation tab but this seems to have no effect whether it is on or off. There must be a simple way around this?

      All help is appreciated.