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    Problems with an ABC-analysis

    Clemens-A. Scherer



      I hope you can help me out. Sorry, if I´m in the wrong area, but it`s my first posting.


      I´m trying to make an ABC-analysis. For that I accumulate the amount of articles in column 5. In the next step I want to say with an  if-formula, if this article is an A-, B- or C-Article. If the amount is less than 80% it is an A-article, between 80 and 95% it is an B-article and over 95% it is an C-article.


      With this formula it doesn`t work...

      if( Column(5)  < 0.80 , 'A', if( Column(5) > 0.95 , 'C', 'B'))


      Have you got an idea


      Thanks in advance,

      best regards,