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    QV 8.5 macro post reload  to QV 11 issues

      Hi Anyone who can help,


      I have a looping macro that runs in my server exporting excel outputs on reload.

      All fine and well - However I have a new server installed with QV 11 and am transferring all the docs and extractors to it.  In the process the macros run but export the first Excel document and then open up stating the activeX document is not enabled?

      If it was my settings it would fail on the first export?

      If it was because I did not have it off safe settings the Macro could not create teh object the 1st time.

      I am being led in the community into Dcomcnfg, but again why would it run the 1st task? then on the 2nd loop fail?


      If there was an error on the macro, why does it run on QV8.5?

      If it was permissions it would not send the 1st document.


      Can anyone offer some help here - it is now consuming a lot of time and impacting SLA of our reporting?


      Many thanks for any support and direction