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    Complex set analysis in chart expression

      Hi all,


      Need some help with a complicated set analysis expression in a chart.


      My chart is a straight table with the following:



      LocationDate 1Date 2D
      ABC24th June 201226th July 2012120


      The calculation of Date 1 and Date 2 are set analysis expressions.


      I then need to use the value within the cell for each row in the set analysis expression to calculate column D.



      Date 1 expression:



      ({<CM_GroupedbyparentB.MONTH=,CM_GroupedbyparentB.YEAR=>} CM_GroupedbyparentA.MEASUREDATE,-CM_GroupedbyparentA.MEASUREDATE)



      Date 2 expression:


      FirstSortedValue ({<CM_GroupedbyparentA.MONTH=,CM_GroupedbyparentA.YEAR=>} CM_GroupedbyparentB.MEASUREDATE,-CM_GroupedbyparentB.MEASUREDATE)



      Column D expression:


      sum ({< CM_Hyporun.DELIVERYDATE = {"<="}*{">="} >} CM_Hyporun.STOCKUNITDELIVERYQTY)




      Now here's the problem. Where I have the set analysis just in the middle of the column D expression, I need a less than or equal to the value in cell of Date 2 Column AND a greater than or equal to the value of the cell in Date 1 column. So the result of this should be a set analysis summing values between the two date values.


      I have tried using {"<=Column(1)"}*{">=Column(2)"} to pick up the values but this won't work.


      I have also tried repeating the full expressions for Date 1 and Date 2 again inside the set analysis expression for column D. Again this won't work.



      Any help?