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    Problem with SQL join statement in LOAD statement

      I am trying to load this into an already existing script:



      LOAD ShipDateActFash, CustIDFash, SlsperIDFash, totMerchFash, TotmerchFash as FashCuryTotMerch;

      SQL SELECT Soshipheader.ShipDateAct, Soshipheader. CustID, Soshipheader.SlsperID, Soshipheader.Totmerch from DIGITALAPP.DBO.SoShipheader

                      JOIN DIGITALAPP.DBO.SoShipline on Soshipheader.shipperid = soshipline .shipperid and soshipheader.cpnyid = soshipline.cpnyid

                      JOIN DIGITALAPP.DBO.inventory on Soshipline.invtid = inventory.invtid

                      where soshipheader.shipdateact > getdate() -1 and inventory.classid in ('SUNG','HAND','WALL','BKPK','CLOTH','CUFF','TRAV','TRAVEL','WATCH')




      I get the following error on reload:


      Field not found - <ShipDateActFash> and then it lists the SQL query



      Any ideas?