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    how to calculate debt aging



      I have data with debt amount per month and would like to calculate number of days for one 's debt but the problem some of the months will have zero amount meaning that the previous month's debt has been paid ,and the next month after the zero amount month has a debt amount i will have to start calculating my aging from that month


      See below sample


      Client                     Amount                  Date

      Marais                      600                         01/01/2011

      Marais                      400                         01/02/2011

      Marais                      0                             01/03/2011

      Marais                     200                          01/04/2011

      Marais                     130                          01/05/2011

      Marais                      20                           01/06/2011

      Marais                      0                             01/07/2011

      Marais                      0                             01/08/2011

      Marais                     1000                        01/09/2011


      SO in this case my current debt will be 1000,therefore aging calculation will be from 01/09/2011


      Any record/amount prior to zero values is not taken into account.