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    Export//macro and IE Plugin ?



      I have read many threads in QV community around how to export graphs and tables in ppt/excel or word. and various versions of macro to do this.

      After trying many, I still encounter the same error when I run any macro with the following command :


      Set PPApp = CreateObject("Powerpoint.Application")


      The error shown is:

      ActiveX component can't create object: 'Powerpoint.Application'


      By reading left and right in the community forums, I understood that my macro will not work until I have the QV IE plugin installed.


      What I want to do :

      Automate creation of a ppt presentation with key graph and tables (not dynamic)


      What do I use :

      QV 9 (client, not server)

      Windows 7

      Microsoft powerpoint 2003



      LEt me know :

      1. If my understanding is correct ie I need IE plugin

      2. If correct, where do I download it (QV website does not have any download plugin option anymore)

      3. Is there any risk, limitation due to the installation of the plugin.