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    Reversing Sign visually Only and only on certain rows.

      Hi There,


      Ok the problem I have.


      I'm using a pivot table that contains positive and negative accounting journal entries.


      When I add up the amounts I get the correct amount:


      INCOME: 100


      Total Inc:  50

      COSTS:  (200)


      Total Costs: -165


      TOTAL -125



      The pivot table totals are correct.


      I would however like to reverse the costs so that they display as positive when negative and vice versa but still remain negative in the background.


      Can I set the format of the column at a row level?




      If Income: Don't do anything. or set the format to be #,##0.00;(#,##0.00)


      If Row = Costs Then Display (200) as 200 and display 45 as (45)




      Any one think of a way of doing this so the pivot chart still calculates correctly but displays COSTS as a positive value?


      I tried doing it in the textformat fields of the expression but didn't work.