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    Accesspoint not prompting browser auth when using Apache VirtualHost

    André de Freitas Tasca

      Sup guys, here's the deal.


      I'm using Qlikview Server 10 SR4 10.0.9282.8 and everything's working fine, inside lan.


      If i go to the browser and type my internal ip address, i can access the accesspoint with no problems, prompting the default auth method(browser), using user and password... that's just ok.


      But, however, i have an apache server to control all my websites at our company because we only have one external IP.


      So, don't know if you guys understand a lot about it, but, here's my virtual host config for this Server using port 8080.


      <virtualhost *:80>

         ServerName www.softsystemit-bi.com.br

         ProxyRequests off

         ProxyPass /

         ProxyPassReverse /



      I can get access the accesspoint page but, i've got no prompt at all for the browser auth...tried the alternate login form(web form) but no success either(but at least i can see the web form page, but all attempts to login fail, inside lan works).


      Someone know if there's something i have to do for this to work? Any ports i have to add on my firewall?