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      How do i buy it? I have filled up QvSource Pricing Enquirey form two times, it was couple of days ago, but i have not got any revert so far.

      Can somebody suggest any other way for it..?

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          Chris Brain

          I apologise for the delay - we usually respond to pricing inquiries within 24 hours but we have been gearing up for a new major release and newsletter which has delayed the processing slightly.  Could you please direct message me with the email you used when requesting a quote and I will get onto this for you ASAP?  Once again apologies.

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            Nikhil Garg

            Hey Amit,

            Hope you are doing fine.

            I am trying to use QVSource for data analysis but unable to use it. I am using QVSource_1.5.3.5 version and using  linkedin connector(beta version and not depricated one). I have authenticate my account but not able to see any data. I dont know how to proceed. Please suggest me how to proceed and how to analyse the data.