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    Problem in deployment of document with Set Analysis



      this is my set analysis expression its working fine when i open qvd in Qlikview Dashbord but after deployment on server it is displaying incorrect results?

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          Stefan Wühl

          That's not much information, what do you expect to see and what do you see?


          Are you using same versions of QV locally (I assume that's what you mean with QV Dashboard?) and on server?


          What are you trying to achieve with the set analysis? I read this as:

          count CONTAINERS.TOTAL using a default selection set with modifications: RCMSRECORD set to 1 and disregard selections in OEMTYPE,VOYAGE,EVENTDESCRIPTION, LINE_ID.


          I also think your format specifier for the num() function (i.,e. second argument to num) is missing single quotes indicating a format string. I  believe it should be '0' if you want to show a single digit. You could also give it a try by removing the num() function completely.