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    Auto reload multiple files

      Dear community,


      Im new on this comunnity so i excuse me if im posting this topic on the wrong place.

      After searching for answers in this community i couldnt find the perfect solution for my problem.


      First of all i will introduce my self.


      As a student from Business IT and Management i am doing a internship in a small company in Holland.

      My research was to find out the best solution to transform all available data from the different installations (machines) to management information.

      After analyzing the different possibility's i recommended Qlikview.

      A few months later i got Qlikview running in this company getting all the needed information out of the different databases from the different machines.

      This by using different QVW, models and accespoints.

      Because were still in the research phase we decided to buy 2 desktop licenses   of Qlikview without the Qlikview server.

      (When this project is a success we will buy the server software. )


      For an example we got 18 machines with different data with different databases.


      To extract the data and make the data standard ( some machines use different measures ( m3, cm3 , kWh, mWh et) ) i made a workbook for each machines. These workbooks extract all the data and put the tables in QVD files. These files are named workbooks (name of machine)

      This i called step 1.


      Step 2 is a QVW file that loads all of the different QVD files from step 1 and adding word ,excell and text file data. The file is named Model


      Step 3 is the file where all my tables , graphics , grahps are in.  This file loads the data from the Step 2 and is used for making the wanted management reports. This file is named accespoint


      All above this is working good.




      Now my problem. The data needs to be reloaded out of the databases every night around 00:00 o clock.


      The QVW and QVD files are all on a network disk in a windows network server accessible for the 2 computers with the license.


      I managed to reload the Model perfectly using windows scheduler and the needed command.

      (C:\Users\zouta1\Desktop\qv.exe" /R "Q:\Appsdata\Qlikview\file .... ( though only when my pc is online so i did not manage to schedule on the server but thats another problem :-) )


      But to get all the information all the workbook QVW from step 1 need to be reloaded . When this is done the model and after that the accespoint. 


      Do i need to create 21 windows scheduler taks for each file to reload or is there another solution where in example all the workbooks are loaded in 1 command then the model and then accespoint ( in that order) .


      In research i found a batch file could be made but i have no idea if its possible that there are multiple commands in 1 file.


      Or maby a qlikview file is the solution?


      Keep in mind im not a IT specialist!


      Im very curious what youre solutions are!


      Thank you in advance


      Arjen Zoutewelle