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    Performance issue while using IE Plugin

    Suresh Baabu



      I had setup a new server last week and I'm facing an issue while accessing reports through the Qlikview IE Plugin (Version 11 & build 11154). The access point shows the reports right away when I hit the URL; but the report gets opened only after 20 seconds and also the performance is very slow, when a selection is made on the filters. (slow reposnse time)


      I have done the following checks on the server; but the issue continues exists

      1) Turned off the firewall on the server.

      2) Enabled firewall and enabled the port 4747 & 80 (inbound and outbound) on the server to allow the Plugin

      3) The QLIKPLUGIN path is correctly mapped to the plugin folder on the server

      4) The config files has the correct server name


      Note: The reports works perfectly while accessing in Firefox and IE(without Plugin)


      The QV server has the following setup:

      Operating System: Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise   

      # of CPU Units: 4     

      Memory Assigned: 24 GB    

      Disk Space Assigned: 550 GB


      Could some please help me fixing the performance issue?



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          Make sure you can telnet to the QVS on port 4747 from the client - if you can't 'tunnelling' will be used which adds overheads and in our experience slows things down considerably


          Launch the dashboard from the client - open a command prompt from the client and do a netstat -a and make sure there is a connection to the QVS on 4747 while the dashboard is open


          Make sure 'Always Tunnel' is not ticked on the Access Point in the QMC which will force tunnelling regardless of having port 4747 open or not.


          If your Access Point and QVS are on separate servers and tunnelling is used this makes things exceptionally slow (known bug in v10 SR4, don't know about v11)


          Hope this helps

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              Suresh Baabu

              Hello Fergusona,


              Thanks for your response.


              I checked the following:

              1) I was able to connect to 4747 using telnet from Client

              2) I did netstat -a with reports opened. I saw some port are established (What should I check here??)

              3) 'Always Tunnel' is not ticked on the Access Point in the QMC


              I continue to see the same slowness with the reports.


              Please let me know your thoughts?


              Thanks again for your suggestion!!!