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    Get Name of Top Clients While Ignoring Selections

    Bill Bois

      I need to get the names of the six top selling Clients.  This is easy to do in a chart, but I need each of them as either a variable or a text value.


      If you take a look at the attached sample, the chart displays all the values all the time, even when you select a Client.  This is exactly what I want to happen.  However, I also want it to happen in the text boxes, and those go blank when you have one or more Clients selected. 


      My statement for the first text box is:


      =Aggr(If(Rank(Sum({$<Client=>}Sales))=1, Client), Client)


      I would think this should display the #1 Client regardless of what's selected, but it doesn't.  Any ideas how I can rewrite it?