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    Alert does not triggered by reloding file from task in management consol

      Hi All,

      I create an alert for my QV file , I created a task in management consol which is scheduled for reloading my file, I set the Events by on Open and On Post reload in alert wizard , when I reload my file manually or by opening the document the alert condition is checked out and the alert triggered but it don't work by reloading file from management console by task. there is some other alert in my file that have created by some one else and those alerts are working proper, i set up all the setting in alert wizard and management console  same as exist alerts for my file but it still didn't work.

      is there any special option I should set for my alert or my file's task in management console?

      any thing could helpful and I appreciate that , attachment is my alert setting image and also I entered my condition for the alert.





      =if(  Hour(ReloadTime())>5 and Hour(ReloadTime())<=23,if(userid='5388'and ( timestamp(max(RequestTimeStamp))<=time(Timestamp(now())-'00:00:05')),1,0 )    )