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    outer line in Pie Chart

      Hi Everyone, Is it possible to remove outer black line from the pie chart?? I am attaching the snapshot, plz have a look. Thanx in advance.....

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          Aadil M


          i would suggest you.. choose a different style..


          PrintScreen8-7-2012-4.14.34 PM8-8-2012-12.12.10 PM.png

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            Advait Thakur

            Hello Kumar,

            unfortunately you cannot change that color. The outline defines the actual border of the pie chart.

            We do not have control over it.


            By the way - If we remove that color then Pie chart might take the multi-color according to Pie area which will look odd. (Just a thought)





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              Hello Kumar,

              Its simple. I can understand what exactly you want to show since even i was expecting similar requirement.I have attached the screen shot for the same. In my attachment, i have used the gauge chart along with a rounded corner text box ( textbox converted to circle by playing with the corner radius and squareness option in the layout tab. Where in Corner radius block select fixed and set it to 95 pts and squareness to 2).  So use a  Gauge chart. Go in the style tab and select the 1st style. Go in presentation tab and un-check show scale textbox. Set Angle Span to 360 degree. Set cylinder thickness to 20. In indicator block set mode to 'no indicator'(which will remove the needle) . In caption tab uncheck 'Show caption'. In layout tab uncheck 'Use borders'. Goin colors tab and set transparency to 100%. Apply your expressions and set the lower and upper bound for the gauge as required. To make the chart look better resize the circular textbox and bring it to the center of the gauge chart. pls refer the attached image for more clarity.Capture copy.jpg