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    Reduce data from a table in script without using temp table

      I have a Qlikview file where the script built looks like this :

      1) Load table data (accounts, period data, ...) and create some mapping table for later use

      2) Load transactional data tables into a summary table and use the mapping table created in step 1

      3) Create temporary table to reconciliate transactional data. The temporary table will contain records from the transactional summary table where the records are not in sync. The temporary tabe links with the transaction summary table with a unique key field

      4) Reduce the transactional data using left keep where only transactional data records are kept that have corresponding records in the table created in 3)


      I also want to reduce the table data, but it consists of 8 tables.

      Is there a way to easily reduce the data in those based on the reduced transaction table ?

      I want to avoid to load the table data into a table called tt_table_data_1, tt_table_data_2 and afterwards do a noconcatenate load using left keep into table_data_1. Can't I just do a command in the script that will reduce data from table_data_1 using field xxx from table B ?


      Currently :





      FROM ....;










      NOCONCATENATE LEFT KEEP (transaction_1) LOAD


      RESIDENT tt_table_data_1;


      DROP TABLE tt_table_data_1;


      Is there an easier way without creating the tt_ table ?

      reduce (table_data_1) using (transaction_1, key_1); (something similar)