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    restrict rows in a straight table based on a column



      I want to restrict the number of rows in a straight table based on the value of a column.

      I want my straight table to show only those rows, if column 14 of the straight table has value greater than 20. If column 14 has values less than 20 then the entire row shouldn't show up.


      I tried using if(column(14)< 20,0,column(14)) and then suppress 0 in my presentation tab, but this doesn't work for me.


      Appreciate all your help in resolving this if there is an alternate approach. I tried using null() as well instead of 0, but doesn't seem to work. It just puts 0 or - in the column instead.


      I don't want to modify my load script in anyway & would like to do this in the UI end


      Thanks for all help in advance,


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          Jonathan Dienst



          Suppress zeroes will only suppress the row if there are no non-zero or non-null values in the entire row.

          If you are using QV11, explore using dimension limits to suppress the rows (move column14 to column1).


          If you are using QV10, you could use the approach you started with, but you will have to apply it to all columns:


               Expression 1:  If(Column(14) <> 0, original expression1 )

               Expression 2:  If(Column(14) <> 0, original expression2 )


               Expression 14: If(original expression14 < 20, 0, original expression14)


          Tedious I know, but that should work.