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    Multiple Data Sources and Customer names

      I am currently connected to 2 data sources (ODBC Database and 1 Excel spreadsheet)


      While the customers are the same from both data sources the naming convention from both data sources differ.



      • Database Source: Bryn Mawr Medical Specialist
      • Excel Spreadsheet: Bryn Mawr Hospital


      How can I create a master customer name list so regardless of the data set I select it accuratly shows values from both data sources based on a unified customer name?


      Thanks for any insight.



        • Re: Multiple Data Sources and Customer names
          Boris Gerchikov

          Hi Robert,

          You might need to use mapping table to unify your names:



            Mapping LOAD * INLINE [

              From, To

              Bryn Mawr Medical Specialist, Bryn Mawr

              Bryn Mawr Hospital, Bryn Mawr



          With  Applymap statement in load for every source



          LOAD ApplyMap('MapNames',Name) as Name

          Resident Source;





          Good Luck!