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    Permission Caching on the QV 11 Server

      I can't find anything in the docs, but we are seeing what appears to be permission caching on the server. Here's the scenario:


      1. User Sally has permission to Documents\Foo\bar.qvw and can see the document in the Access Point.
      2. Sysadmin removes Sally from permission for bar.qvw and verified that NTFS permission is not granted by checking Effective Permissions.
      3. Sally closes IE 9 browser and re-opens to find that she can still access bar.qvw in the Access Point.
      4. Sally opens FireFox and finds that she can also see bar.qvw in the Access Point.
      5. If all QV services are restarted Sally looses access to bar.qvw in Access Point.


      Is there a cache timeout on the permissions in the Access Point?