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    Qlikview server backup before formatting



      I want to install a new windows server version on the qlikview server machine.

      I know that i need to reinstall the qlikview server but dont want to redefine all the qlikview server setting from the beginning,

      so what can i do to preserve these server setting (like security,reload plans,documents settings Etc)


      Thanks in advance,

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          Can someone please help me....

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              Daniel Rozental

              Matan, what version are you using?


              If you're using QlikView 10 or 11 you need to backup the folder c:\programdata\qliktech.


              That's where all settings are.


              A few other things to take into consideration

              - QlikView server root folder files hold license assignment information. Check the value at QEMC>System>Server>Folders

              - Also backup all QVW applications and QVD files

              - If you have any ODBC connections created you might want to document those before formatting.

              - You can use the powertools to backup DMS authorization settings and CAL assigment just in case something doesn't copy correctly.

              - If you're using NTFS as your authorization mechanism remember to use a tool that will also backup file permissions like Robocopy.



              I think that covers most situations.