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    Need help using QvsComRemote.dll

      Good Day!


      I'm currently using QvsNetRemote.dll to connect to Qlikview with a VB application.

      Below is the code I'm using.


      QvsComClientClass qvs = new QvsComClientClass();



      The problem is, all who have the copy of the program can run it which is not good therefore I want check if the one running the program has access also to the Qlikview Server.


      I tried to use its "Connect" method but I don't know what to pass on the second argument

      qvs.Connect("QlikviewServer",<Obeject - base on the method signature>);


      Is there any other method that I can use for me to connect to the Qlikview Server that I can verify the user has also access to Qlikview?

      Any feedback is highly appreciated.