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    how to exclude saturday and sunday from 0-30 days bucket

    ajeet tomer

      Hello, all dear community members. Please solve my issue..


      i have a bucket as below, i want to exclude all saturday and sunday if i make selection of days upto 7 days stock, upto 15 days stock, upto 30 days stock. suppose i select 0-30 days so here 21 of days stock i need to calculate.


      i have bucket like this:


      if([Submission Days from Invoice]>=0 and [Submission Days from Invoice]<=7,'0-7',



         if([Submission Days from Invoice]>=8 and [Submission Days from Invoice]<=15,'8-15',

              if([Submission Days from Invoice]>=16 and [Submission Days from Invoice]<=30,'16-30',

                   if([Submission Days from Invoice]>30,'>30 Days')))) as [Doc Submission Bucket from Invoice],




      ajeet singh