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    Qlikview and SQL Server on same server

      Hi there,

      I'm quite new to Qlikview having recently taken a new position where it is used for some of the existing reporting.  Based on some of the products that are used here there is also an existing installation of SSRS.  We're looking to upgrade this from SSRS 2005 to SSRS 2008.  The server on which Qlikview resides is a pretty beefy box so I was hoping to have our SSRS run there also.  Has anyone out there had any experience with having both of these products on the same server?  It's a 64 bit machine with 24 GB Ram and 2 2.2GHz processors.




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          If it is possible, I would have them on separate machines. SQL Server and QlikView Server are both big RAM consumers.


          If you have a very small number of users that will use both, then it's OK.

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            Jonathan Shaltz

            I've been managing such a system for a little over a year, with no particular problems.  Memory is indeed key, we're using 26 GB for SQL Server and 1.5 for QVS, but we could probably choke back SQL a little and fit within 24 GB without any trouble, if that's what we had.  Our usage is pretty light, though, with only a couple people using each product frequently during the day.


            We have eight cores, but CPU can still be pegged, but rarely for long.  I have seen the QlikView distribution service use more CPU resource than I like; there's an open thread on the topic.


            Of course, I'd make sure that your scheduled reloads in QlikView don't coincide with ETL, backups, scheduled reports, or other predictable resource-intensive tasks SQL tasks.