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    How to keep pivot table format upon selection?



      I have the following challenge:


      I created a pivot table of which the dimensions are based on a "data island". In other words: Probability and Impact are based on a stand-alone table "RiskMatrix".  The data comes from a risk log, including a field "Class". This Class matches with the field "ClassIsland" from the data island table.


      Probability x ImpactCatastrophicalCriticalMarginalNegligable
      Almost Certain0512
      Very Likely0221


      What I try to achieve is that when you click on e.g. the number 5 (Critical & Almost Certain) that a table with details is filtered with the "Class" field. On the other hand, the whole pivot table should NOT change...


      I tried to use set analysis but I could not figure out how this should work because you want to use the pivot as a date island for the dimensions but you also want the pivot to be associative for other tables...


      Who can help me with this challenge??


      Best regards,
      Marcel Artz