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    Allocating numbers 1-10 to rows in table



      I have a (suposedly) very simple problem, however, I have been sitting for hours to figure this out and haven't found any help in prior topics.


      I have a table with ~200-300k rows that is concatenated and joined from many other tables. And in this loaded table I need to assign numbers 1-10 to each row (each number represents an owner), they should probably be assigned in a continous form (1....3....10...1......4...5...etc), so that each owner gets equal number of rows.





      Client,     Product,     Owner


      John,     xxxx,     1

      Mark,     yyyy,     2

      Kate,     zzzz,     3


      Elviss,     oooo,     10

      Chuck,     pppp,     1




      Please help It should be done in the table, because, the output data needs to be equally asigned to owners even if filters are changed.