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    Set Analysis using complex variable syntax

    Marc Wintjen


      1. I have a complex Chart that references multiple variables to derive values.

      2. The current chart calcuates the "% Product Lock Variance" accrurately by Plan which is stored as a variable called "vProductLockDelta".

      3. The goal is to take that derived value from "vProductLockDelta" by Plan and then lookup up the equalilant Score in the "Lookup Table".

      4. When I try to reference that variable result in a set analysis expression, it does not calculate the value for each specific Plan, rather just 1 value for all plans

      "=avg({ $< [% Product Lock]= {$(=$(vProductLockDelta))} > } Score)"

      5. I've tried multiple variations to the above syntax but this is the only way I return values.

      Is there a way for the Set Analysis expression to return back the correct Score for the "% Product Lock Variance" for each row in the above chart?


      Thanks in advance for your help!