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    Changing scroll position in chart using macro

      Hi All,


      I have a document which contains a chart (Chart Type is a straight table).


      This chart is sized such that it displays approx 25 lines of information on it at any one time. There is however anywhere up to 100 lines of data contained on this chart. This ofcourse enables the scrollbar for the user to scroll up and down the chart to view all the lines. Pretty straight forward.


      This QV Document is going to be presented on a screen with no user actively running it so...


      What i would like to do is build a macro which, every x seconds (20 or 30 seconds of so) the scroll position of this table is moved by a set amount.


      I've seen the ChartProperties.XScrollRight code that can be used in VBScript but this always moves the scroll position all the way to the top of my chart. Does anyone know of a macro that will shift the scroll poition by a set increment? such as 20lines, or 25% the chart height or something?


      I should mention that i am trying to scroll vertically, NOT horizintally.


      If i cant find anything i think i'll end up just numbering the reconds from 1 through ### and setting a timer in the Dimension to display X number of lines at a time.


      Thanks in advance.