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    Having total of charts line into the axis?



      Is it possible to have a graph with total into the axis like this ( but "0" replace by the total of the line):



      I have 3 dimesions: Date_Creation, Type_Opération_GRP and Type_Opération.


      Expressions are:

      1- "Nbre Log" =if(inweek(Date_Creation,today(),0) or inweek(Date_Creation,today(),-1), count(distinct ID))


      2- "" =sum([Nbre Log]),  to have the total on axis with checked box "text on axis"




      Thanks in advance for your help




      Edit: I've made this in 2nd expression in pop-pup and text on axis:


      =sum(distinct if(inweek(Date_Creation,today(),0) or inweek(Date_Creation,today(),-1),aggr(count(total<Type_Opération_GRP,Date_Creation> ID),Type_Opération,Type_Opération_GRP,Date_Creation)))


      It works but seems encounter a bug: The obtained value for 1st value of the 3d dimension is repeated for each distinct name of the field on 3d dimension (here "Type_Operation") to others lines an over value. For others, lines there is no duplicate. See screen shot below for example:


      The value in pop-up is good vs "text on axis" (duplicated on other lines for first value)