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    how to fixed color by data



      I'm doin this in the dimension.


      if(aggr(days,sales) >1, '>1' ,
           if(aggr(days,sales) >2, '>2'


      )  .. and many many more if() for other days buckets , also consist of negative days.


      ... basically, we will have the days bucket in the chart.


      Then, in experession, i do a count(), so we will have the counting of how many sales for more than 1 day, 2 days...etc


      and i stacked it. now, the problem is, how can i set a color for >1 to be always green?


      i did this... some bucket works, and some doesnt... any helps please....


      if(aggr(days,sales) >1, green(),
           if(aggr(days,sales) >2, red()