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    Rename field

    Giorgia Michieli


      I'm trying to do something like this:


      if campo='account' then campo rename to c_account

      then if campo='lead' then campo as c_lead

      then if campo='contact' then campo as c_contact


      So, I would like to rename the field depending on values that cointains: if it contains n possible values i would like to obtaining n new fields.

      Can I do this in qv script? How?


      Thank you!

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          Giorgia Michieli

          Stupid question, I'm sorry.

          I do in this way:


          if (relmodule='Accounts', relcrmid) as c_azienda,

          if (relmodule='Leads', relcrmid) as c_lead,

          if (relmodule='Contacts', relcrmid) as c_contatto,
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            I think that this solution could work (I suppose that your field is in a table "table_name") :


            // Get the list of different values in the field


            LOAD CONCAT(DISTINCT campo, chr(39)&','&chr(39)) as temp_list

            RESIDENT table_name;


            LET LIST_OF_CAMPO = chr(39) & peek('temp_list',0,'Temp_List_Values') & chr(39);


            FOR EACH i IN $(LIST_OF_CAMPO)


                 LET FINAL_FIELD_NAME = 'c_$(i)';



                 LOAD campo as "$(FINAL_FIELD_NAME)"

                 RESIDENT table_name

                 WHERE campo = '$(i)';




            This script create one table per value of campo with the correct. But you could add more fields and do a work to build your model.