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    Select a date whose between 2 variables

    Laurent ANKRI



      I have the column DATE_SALAIRE that contains few dates in format dd/mm/yyyy


      I have created 2 date variables, that the user have to indicate :




      I want to do the sum of the column MARGE_HT_FACTURATION where DATE_SALAIRE<=vDateSelectDebut and DATE_SALAIRE>=vDateSelectFin


      I have tested

      =SUM({<DATE_SALAIRE={'>=$(vDateSelectDebut)', DATE_SALAIRE={'<=$(vDateSelectFin)' }} MARGE_HT_FACTURATION)

      but it doesn't return me the both conditions together but if just one of them is checked


      For example, if

      vDateSelectDebut = 01/01/2012

      vDateSelectFin = 30/06/2012

      I want to select the lines where DATE_SALAIRE between 01/01/2012 and 30/06/2012


      Help please