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    removing negative values

      Hi Guys,


      I need a little help with my expression.


      I have the following expression:


      Sum(Expenses) / sum(FTE)


      This expression displays the expenses per FTE.  There are some company's that have forward their expenses to another company, which results in a negative value.



      If I would do a Sum({<Expenses={'>0'}>} Expenses) / sum(FTE), I would get the wrong results, because only the expenses that are above 0 are summed. What I would like to achieve is first do this expression: Sum(Expenses) / sum(FTE), and then use the aggr + if to remove the negative value.


      something like this: sum({<Expenses={'>0'}>}(aggr(Sum(Expenses) / sum(FTE), Company))  This expression is totally wrong. But it should display the following:


      Companyexpeses per fte


      The lowest value should be 3 instead of -6. How can I remove the negative values in my chart?


      Another question, Can I sort this table a way that I see the top expeses per fte, right at the top, and the lowest right below it?




      Thanks in advance