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    Legend for Block Chart

      I want to display a legend for a block chart - much like we do for a bar chart so the users can see easily what each block represents


      Specifically for the second dimension - the text even after modifying it is not that legible and in small boxes it is not visible for obvious reasons


      Is that possible?

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          No that is not possible for block chart!

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            Aadil M


            you will not be able to add legends to a block chart.. for the very simple reason that it is a block chart.


            To overcome the problem you have..  limit the number of blocks shown on the chart.. like below..


            PrintScreen8-7-2012-4.14.34 PM8-14-2012-12.11.50 PM.png


            hope that helps...

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                Thanks for thh answer, i realize you are just stating the facts.  However the fact that it is so it is unacceptable to me and it should be to all Qlikview users.


                There is nothing aout a block chart that says it can't have a legend. Newspapers like the WSJ routinely have block charts with legends. And while it is technically possible to limit the number of blocks, I may not want to do so to show all the data.


                Qlikview should not dictate how we present the information but merely enable us to show it with the maximum flexibility. Qlikview competes with any other tools and I for one am still evaluating it, if another tool can provide those features then it may well win in my mind.


                I do not know and I doubt that anyone at qlikview reads this, but they should as this is where they can find out what does not work n their tool