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    Migrating to a new server



      I am moving QlickView server from a windows 2003 32-bit server to a windows 2008 64-bit server.

      And I am at the same point upgrading it to version 11, we have version 10 on the old server.


      I have read QV 11 Upgrade and Migration Document.pdf section 5.

      But I have some questions.


      1) When I am migrating the settings.ini file

         Can I just edit the settings.ini file in notepad and change the path?

         It differs between windows 2003 (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\QlikViewServer) and

         windows 2008 (C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer).



      2) To migrate the licens from the old server to the new I just copy the lef.txt file?

         But if you look under status/service in the Management Console the QVS service is marked yellow: off duty.



      3) I have also copied all the dokuments from the old server to the same path as the new one, but I cannot see them under documents in the management console. What did I miss?


      This is my first look at QlickView and my very first configuration/installation so please be gentle


      Best regards

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          Hi again!


          It was quite simple, after I had stopped the QlikView server service on the old server and restarted it on the new one qvs service went online.


          And the documents showed up.

          And apparently the settings file I edited worked

          And the licens seems to have been migrated to.


          One simple fix for all the problems