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    Create LinkTable for creating MasterCalendar

    Jeroen Jordaan

      Hello QlikView lovers,


      I am working on a QV app to create a data model.
      I try wherever possible to work towards a Star model. So I created a facttable called 'Transactions'  (Sales Lines, Purchase Lines).
      The original sales lines contain 2 date fields and the original purchase lines 4.
      Through a Link Table I want to place alle the date fields into the LinkTable so I can then created a MasterCalender out of the LinkTable.
      I only got $ Syn keys because all the fields are from the same table wich I created through the concatenate  action.

      I'm totally stuck with this problem

      How do I fix this?


      As an attachment I attached an example QVW and the 2 QVD's wich contains the data.


      Thanks for the help.