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    Get "impossible" selected values

      I am using a macro to get a full list of the selected values for all the fields in the current selection.


      To do this, I loop through the array returned by GetSelectedValues like this:

      set oSelectedValues = ActiveDocument.GetField("Field").GetSelectedValues()
      for j = 0 to oSelectedValues.Count - 1
           sValueList = sValueList & ", " & oSelectedValues.Item(j).Text
      sCurrentSelection = "Field = " & sValueList 


      However, the resulting list does not include the values which appear in the Current Selection box but which are excluded (not possible) through the selection of other fields.

      I cannot use ActiveDocument.GetCurrentSelections to resolve this, because it only returns something like "20 of 5000" instead of the actual values if more than a few values are selected.


      Any suggestions on how to get those impossible values into the selection?