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    Straight table expression to find multiples



      I have one excel sheet containing: First Name, Last Name, Company, List Type, Importance. Basically I wanted to see what names (based on only first and last name) were on this list twice so i created a straight table with First Name and Last name as dimensions and the expression: if(count([Last Name]&[First Name])=2,'Both','Single'). So every name that is on the list twice comes up as Both. I also have a table box containing everything from the excel doc. This seemed to work fine except once i clicked on something in the table box, the straight table doesn't work correctly. For example, Importance has rankings 1 to 3 and when i click on a 1 in the table box the straight table does not show which people ranked 1 are on the list twice, it just reverts all names to Single. Is there a better expression to use?