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    Copy and paste objects - macro


      I'm creating (or trying to create) a macro that has to do the following:
      1. execute a stored procedure which returns a list of qvw file names and their location.
      2. open a qvw file (one at a time) - each qvw file has only one sheet.
      3. select (activate) all objects contained in the sheet and copy them.
      4. create a new qvw file.
      5. create (add) a new sheet (for each qvw file open in the step 1) and paste the copied objects.
      6. repeat step 2, but I will paste the copied objects in the same new qvw file, but in different sheets.

      Basically, I'm stuck in step 3, 'cause I dont´t know how to copy and then paste the objects in a qvw file.
      I hope you can help with this.
      Thanks in advance.