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    Best practice for concatenate

    Jeroen Jordaan

      Hi All,


      I want to know what is the best practice to concatenate?


      What I mean is that I'm creating a Fact tabel by concatenating the SalesLines, PurchaseLines and PurchaseReceiptLines.

      Is it better to rename as much as possible fields to the same name or is it better to create unique names?


      An example is that al the 3 tables has a Document No, Line No, Quantity and so on.

      Shall I keep those or shall I rename those fields so they are unique like SalesLineDocNo, PurchaseDocNo and PurchaseReceiptDocNo and the same thing for the other fields.


      I hope I can make my question clear.


      Thanks for the help.

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          Qlikview creates kind of an index (not in a literal sense) on each field leading to more memory consumption per field. Hence fewer no. of fields is recommended. Secondly, null values slows the calculation time and its advised to avoid them as much as possible.


          Having said that, in this case lets say user have option to select document no. By having one field the selection is made for all three transactions which is not possible with multiple fields. Its better to have same column for all transactions.


          Kiran Rokkam.

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            Sree Anarasi

            if you rename and concatenate both tables are  displayed as one table , but the problem could be u wont have any assocaition with the concatenate tabe.

            if u keep  the names as same then both tables are joined and concatenated  and displayed as a single table, where u have the asoocaion between the two tables,

            depening on ur requirent which one would be better for you