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    Quotes Removed from Alias


      I am a new user of QlikView and I have a problem. Our expert has never seen this.

      I am loading data from Access tables as well as from Oracle tables. We are trying to limit the fields for linking the data in QlikView to two: Date and a Name.

      The field names are not consistant in the data, so I created uniform aliases when loading the data - as an example:


      Load Nm as "Name",

      DT as "Date"

      This is where it gets odd. When I get the data loaded to QlikView, the Access data links only to other Access data, and Oracle data only to Oracle data.

      The Access Table links all show the alias as entered, with the quotes ("Name", "Date"). The Oracle data shows the aliases without the quotes (Name, Date).

      When I look at the tables in QlikView, both data types show filed names with the quotes.

      They do not link to each other.


      Can someone enlighten me as to how I can keep the quotes on the Oracle data?"

      Thank you!!!