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    Authentication on access point ?

    Swarup Malli

      Hi All,


      It’s a SBE QV server version 11.


      I had a couple of  questions in mind:

      1)      Lets say there are 3 QVW’s( let call them x.qvw,y.qvw and z.qvw ) deployed on the access point. I want  x and y documents to be visible to certain set  of  users and z document to another set of users.

      Can it be done ?


      Note: Certain set of users  shouldn’t be able to see the applications that they don't have access to.


      2)      I know that by using section access, we can prevent unauthorized users from accessing the file on the access point.


             Currently everyone on the domain can access the applications on the access point ( I haven’t put section access yet in the script editor) as Windows domain authentication is used.



      My requirement is only authorized users must be able to access the application on the access point , and these users must be able to login automatically ie via Windows domain authentication .


      I know I can specify the username and password in the hidden script , and the user can login after typing in his credentials, my requirement is these users must be able to login automatically without being prompted for username and password, while other users though in the same domain who are not authorized shouldn’t be allowed access to the files on access point.


      Can this be done ?


      If yes how ? Links to documentation or videos would be very helpful.