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    Why certain actions do not execute in Ajax but do execute in other clients?

    Igor Alcantara

      I noticed many times that some actions or even macros are executed in the desktop client but not in the web clients. Some others are executed in the desktop, in the IE Plugin but not in the Ajax client.


      I am talking specially about the actions fired when the document is open.


      I am experiencing this in the QV11 SR1.


      Example #1: I have an action that sets the selection of the Year when the document is open. If there is no year selected, the action selects the current year. That does work in the Desktop client but It looks It is ignored in the Ajax or IE Plugin clients since nothing happens when a document is open through these clients.


      Example #2: I have a macro fired when the document is opened that loops each sheet and chart in the document and restores it (for some specific need). That works in the desktop and IEPlugin clients but It is ignored in the Ajax client.


      It seems clear to me that some clients have limitations in terms of what accepts or what is able to execute.


      Is that a reason for that?

      Where can I find those limitations documented so I can understand ways to make certain actions to work in any client.