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    Changing cycle group by changing an other cycle group in different charts

      Hello community!


      I have a question concerning cycle groups in charts.

      I created two different cycle groups and added them into two different charts. If a user changes the dimension of a cycle group in one chart, I like to change the other dimension of the cycle group in the other chart automatically. Is it possible to implement this? If yes, how can i do it? Trigger? Macro? Script?

      Has anyone a suggestion for me?


      As note I tried something like


      =if(GetCurrentField('cycleGroupName1') = 'cycleGroupName1Value', GetCurrentField('cycleGroupName2') = 'cycleGroupName2Value')


      chose document properties-> triggers -> OnPostReduceData -> Add action -> Selection -> Selection in Field

      I also tried to define my condition in the charts but wont work.


      Thanks in advance for helping me!


      Best regards!

      Carl Reinisch