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    Rolling 12 months

    Dan-Ketil Jakobsen

      Hi all.


      I have a code that is supposed to show rolling 12 months based on selected period.

      example. Choose 201206 and the line graph should display from 201206 and 12 months back.


      The formula:

      sum({$<KVGruppe2={'%Rent'}>}{<Period ={">=$(=addmonths(Max(Period), -12)) <=$(=addmonths(Max(Period), 0,  'YYYYMM'))"} >}OutOfOuterLimit)


      But when I try this it goes all the way back to 200901.


      I tried to set dimmension to =if(period <StartPeriod, period)

      StartPeriod is allways period -12.


      Anyone see why?






      Edited: Added an example