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    Trellis Chart and Printing



      I have a chart that uses the trellis property to compare between a certain variable (ex: City).

      I am doing a horizontal bar chart with 8 rows, each a bar chart. My cities are my columns and my 8 rows are the variables that I am comparing across cities. In this case, they are Questions.


      My problem is with printing the report.


      I want to print a report so that if I have 8 Questions per City, with 20 cities, there should be 10 pages to my report.


      Why 10 pages?

      Each page should have 4 columns - each column a city. That's 5 pages.


      Then, since having 8 rows per page is too compressed, I want to show the first 4 Questions on one page, and the last 4 questions on a second page. So 5x 2 = 10 pages.


      I know that when you print a report, there is a Banding option. But it only lets you band by one variable -- either cities or questions.


      Does anyone know a workaround to get me to my desired out come of 10 pages?