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    Cell formating lost with set analysis

    S�ren Skovsgaard



      I have been struggling the last couple of days with formating a straight table, and keeping the table structure and format when making selections within the table.


      Overall issue: Set analysis ensures that the table structure is intact when selecting a category, but formating of blank rows and totals disappear.


      Details: (See layout in the attached qvw file)


      In the table "Straight table with Set analysis" the two red columns are to be deleted or hidden at a later point, and I want to have the format as shown in the column Category and Value. With set analysis I have ensured that I can click on i.e A1, and the same rows still appear, but issue is that the blue background of "A total" disappear.


      I understand the reason that this happens, as the format of the category totals is based on the value in field Type, and when you click on a category the underlying data now only have this category selected, but set analysis gives another view, and therefore the Totals can no longer relate to the type field. This is evident for the table box showing the underlying selected data.


      Anyone knows a solution or work around to this?